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I want a custom suit (Made to Measure) [Made from scratch]

I want to know how to place a custom suit order.
Contact: to schedule your custom suit appointment.. You can attach pictures of references in your email if you want something specific.
I want to know the turnaround time for a custom-made suit.
Custom suits typically take between 4 to 5 weeks to be completed. This timeframe may vary depending on the fabric you choose.
I want to know why I’d choose a custom suit instead of a suit off-the-rack.
A custom-made suit is made from scratch specifically to your measurements. We have several samples on location so that we can build your suit together part by part. We offer guidance on design every step of the way with our expertise. A custom-made suit can be customized from the fabric all the way to the embroidery. Outstanding body types due to weightlifting, or having a slow metabolism. People with outstanding body types might not comply with the proportions found in suits off-the-rack. In such cases, one would need to either purchase suit separates or order a custom-made suit.
I want to know the price for a custom suit
Custom suits generally start at $699. The final cost can vary based on factors such as the fabric chosen, adding a vest, or an emergency rush fee (contact us for availability).
I want to know the custom suit process.
The custom process consists of three appointments that could be on separate days or in some cases, back to back. First, we schedule a fabric consultation to decide everything that has to do with fabrics and colors. On the second appointment, we will take all the measurements, and select all suit complications(stitching, lapel, etc.). After submitting payment at the end of the second appointment, the order is placed. After the agreed waiting period, the third appointment is scheduled for the final fitting to try on the suit.
I want to know some precautions for getting a custom suit.
Once we take your measurements in the second appointment, your measurements are set in stone. It is important for you to avoid fluctuating weight in order to fit properly in your custom suit. It is possible to alter the suit to make it a bit tighter, but there are limits. Make sure to not get measured too early (Over 3 months) to avoid fluctuation.
I want to submit my own measurements taken by someone else
Yes, you can submit your measurements if your local tailor offers that service, or if you know how to take them yourself. WARNING: Please refer to our terms of service on custom-made suits. We can only guarantee fitting satisfaction on measurements taken by us.

I want a suit off the rack (Suit From the Store) (Quicker Turnaround)

I want to know if you do suit rentals.
We do not do suit rentals. Our suits are for purchase only.
I want to know what “off the rack” means.
A suit off the rack is a suit that we have physically currently at the store. It can also apply to a suit that we can back-order. Suits off the rack are premade, and ready to alter to your size. Because we do in-house alterations, we can put your garments on the alteration queue right away. This allows a much quicker turnaround than custom-made suits.
I want to know the price range of your suits.
The price ranges in our store will vary according to the market. We have suits covering most price ranges from poly-rayon blends to wool suits with and without canvas.

I need alterations on my suit

I want to know how much you charge for alterations
Our alteration prices are linked to market prices. You can find ways to get in touch with us on our contact page or give us a call at (619) 222-5660 to inquire about current prices.
I want to know if you can alter my garment or if I need a new one
For jackets, your shoulders will mainly dictate whether it can be fixed or not. If you lost a lot of weight, and the shoulders are peeking out, the jacket is too big. If the jacket does not close, chances are you also need a new jacket. For pants: If your thigh is too tight, there is little to no chance there is any room to expand. If your waist is too tight, there might be hope as long as you can button the pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do alterations on garments other than suits?
We do alterations on most men’s clothing. If you have a question about whether your garment applies, make sure to call us first at (619) 222-5660.
How do I contact customer support?
Visit our contact page.
What is your return policy?
Our return policy allows you to return items within 14 days of purchase. For detailed information, please see our returns page.
Can I get a vegan suit?
Yes, we do offer linen, cotton, and microfiber on our suits both off-the-rack and custom-made.
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